Brazlate is a language service provider (LSP) specialized in providing translation services to multi-language vendors. It offers the usual services of the language industry following the relevant quality standards and the specific instructions given by both direct and end clients.


Rendering any given text into another language is the most traditional service in the translation market.

At Brazlate we rely on linguists that are experts on the relevant subject matters, native in source text language and fluent in target text language to provide translation services under international quality standards.


The last innovations in translation industry paved the way to this new service. Our post-edition services consist of the revision of texts translated by dedicated machine translation engines. The great advantage of post-edition services as compared to traditional translation is its larger quotation flexibility, since the cost of this service can be adapted according to the quality standard of the final text, that means according to the required level of edits.


Brazlate offers two types of revision services, which are commonly known as editing and proofreading. When it comes to editing, terminology is in the spotlight. In addition to the linguistic checking, all terms are validated, and their consistent and standardized use is ensured, along the strict adherence to glossaries and style guides. On the other hand, proofreading entails, in addition to a terminology checking, a greater attention to the purely linguistic features of the translated text in the target language.

A difference of scope only, between two services that, when combined in a translation or post-edition task, contribute to enhance the quality of the translated text.

Terminology management

We create, manage and maintain glossaries and translation memories according to client’s needs.

They can be created per subject area, client, project, as required.

And we also employ this resource when completing the requested translations, ensuring a consistent terminology in time and across several projects.


As a SDL-certified user, we are in the position to offer comprehensive training on these tools following an innovative approach: hands-on courses, tailor-made to your needs.

Both for companies and freelance translators, we can prepare your course according to the abilities you want to develop.

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A translator with 10 years of experience in the translation market wished to satisfy the increasing demand for quality translation services among translation agencies all over the world — and here is Brazlate!

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